Written with Robin Grant and David Dorn in a moment that I was down on luck, struggling in love and doubting my worth, this song is to encourage each and every one of you to look in the mirror and see your power. You are good enough.


Electrify Me

Electrify Me is 2nd single release for the upcoming album "Scenes From Last Year" by Nicole Boggs & The Reel. The sultry and hypnotic groove unveils the story of an unspoken connection.


Everyone I Know

"Everyone I Know" is the first single off of Nicole Boggs' third album release "Scenes from Last Year" featuring her band and production team, The Reel.


Something New

Soulful storytelling from the bottom of a box of wine with a dash of rock and a Motown twist.



A voice that is both seasoned and audacious Nicole Boggs' sound pushes boundaries with seductive sensibility, power, and abandon. Within her sultry mélange of Soul, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Gospel, and Funk, Nicole stays true to her own unique style.