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About Nicole

 Nicole Boggs is an outlier, dedicated to living her truth and telling the story. The perfect storm of determined intellect and reckless rebellion, the Nashville based soulstress sings fearlessly about falling in love, making a mess and starting over.  Pulling from her Colorado roots, she infuses an earthy honesty into a structured Nashville approach to create a musical style all her own. With a voice ranging from R&B powerhouse to smoky intimacy, her sound has the ability to move with palpable emotion and cross the boundaries of genre.

   If you ask her where she came from, she’ll laugh and say she got her struggles out of the way early.The only child raised by a single father, she developed a clear identity through encouragement to pursue creative outlets, culminating in an education at Berklee College of Music. During her final semester, she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that led her to Nashville, TN to rest and recuperate, where she eventually wrote and recorded her first album, Overcome (2013). The album is a statement of duality, exploring the bridge between getting knocked down and rising above.

   Over the last 6 years, Nicole has had the opportunity to work with “musical monsters” such as David Cook, Shayna Steele, Beth Hart, Derek Wells, Marcus Finnie, Derrek C. Phillips, and many more. Her diligence has opened up many doors including background vocal appearances with Will Hoge, Bonnie Bishop, Etta Britt and a national ad campaign with Glade singing Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” in 2015. Her latest EP features several names listed above as well as her current band and musical family (Alex Kramer, Terence F. Clark, and Loren D. Clark.)  You can find them on stage all in a variety of Nashville venues, as well as touring the world with a number of artists. The four have been hard at work, along with engineer/producer CJ Boggs and co-writer/pianist David Dorn to create a new, adventurous sound that will drop in 2018.  Most recently Nicole was featured on  Episode 3 of The Four on Fox "making Meghan Trainor jealous" with her rendition of "Like I'm Gonna Lose You."

    Nicole is too stubborn to ever fit neatly into any ready-made marketing category. She can be a folk singer, a jazz crooner, a rocker, and a full-tilt soul belter, but she can never be only one of these things. In her closet you might find a gypsy costume next to a sequined cocktail dress. In her songs you might find a little Motown at the bottom of a box of wine. This defiant refusal to be pinned down combined with a near-religious devotion to constantly pushing and refining her craft has allowed Nicole to emerge as the one thing that the machine can never produce and rarely recognizes: a true original.